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[2.7] Patch Notes Reborn

Server concept

  • The Vitality system will serve a very important function: helping regular players catch up with the experience of non-lifers.
  • We've made a number of fair changes throughout the system:
  • Vitality is now only 1 level and grants a 50% experience increase.
  • ❌Grizly Herb – not available ❌Nevit – completely disabled ❌Rec.Bonus – disabled
[02] Server Events
  • Each player's journey begins in the starting villages, from where each traveler chooses their own path.
  • But the objective is the same: first-class teams.
  • Participate in daily pve and pvp events and show what you can do!
  • information on daily events at: See more information.

[03] Corrupted Creatures
  • This is a unique monster that represents the highest level of champions and has a unique mechanic for point acceleration.
  • It is easily recognizable: it is illuminated by a red beam..
  • Corruption lifespan is 20 minutes.
  • Corruption information Attack and health 75%/EX200%/Drops 120%
[04] Receive weekly support from the NPC Omgea cat!
  • Cleanse the corruption and deliver the crystals every Saturday and Sunday to Omega in Aden
  • Guaranteed Support Reward
  • An upgraded buffer is now available in ALT+B, providing buffs for all characters.
  • We can use the standard configuration for a price of 100k adena
  • Or Obtain a buff ticket through votes or dc and use other functions including creating our same scheme
  • The community is limited to only major cities.
[06] Vitamin Pets
  • They are unique allies who will accompany you on your character's development journey.
  • Each pet has a set of unique skills suitable for different play styles.
  • Thanks to this, players will be able to use them in the most effective way, choosing a pet according to their playing style and tactics.
  • Permanent pets, you just have to feed and care for them.
[07] Treasure Chest
  • Fully reworked system
  • Perfect Harcore balance
  • The treasure chests are in the Gracia Final version, not in the High Five.
  • The possibility of obtaining an Adventurer's Treasure 0.2%/0.6% was implemented at the original drop
  • The fire effect has been eliminated and now they are identical to the classic version.
[08] Elmoreden stores
  • Sale of Cammon Items removed.
  • Everything else remains in retail form 2.6
  • System that protects the big boss from traps.
  • The big bosses are protected with maximum damage, between 4 players they cannot be killed, organization is required.
  • Protection system in olympic games
  • Anti bot system [hidden non-annoying system]
  • Registration system, if you edit your game with interfaces you may be sanctioned

[Additional Changes]

  • Absent Mana Potions
  • Window restriction 1 window
  • Offline trading From level 15
  • Enchant 12/16/12
  • Starter Kits Absent
  • Lucky Pig Seasonal
  • Double Box Prohibited
  • Backpack Prohibited
  • No custom ITEM
  • No custom Skills
  • No Skins
  • All h5 fruit is disabled
  • Rain and fog optimized
  • High Five chronicles
  • See Game Play

All settings not mentioned are original based on High Five 5 ver.2.6

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