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Lineage 2 Freya High Five Part 2

Learning-level changes:

    High Five Part 2 Update For August 11 was written based on the test server, the server for updates, so some information may change, please refer


    lineage 2 freya new skills

    Happy birthday to the system have been renewed.
    > Related: Birthday Buff

    1. Happy birthday to the name of the system 'creation date' to 'birthday' as both have been changed.

    2. If the character through the mail birthday 'birthday gift box of joy' may take.
    - The joy of the birthday gift box, configure the list: a birthday hat, joy, vitality potion, birthday cake
    - Birthday Hat: Explorers of the existing cap will be paid by changing a birthday hat, an explorer of the hat is no longer available.
    - Joy, vitality potions: 12 hours of experience obtained can be effective at increasing vitality.
    - Birthday cake: 20 minutes keeping you around as party members retain their vitality five minutes to give the buff effect. However, the summoned pet or pets in the state it is impossible to use.

    3. Energy portion of the joy of the setting has changed. Now buff does not disappear even if the character dies. However, the sub-class changes will be lost when the existing and equally.

    4. NPC 'Alegria' has the ability to change.
    - Original: 'birthday gift' payment at the same time buff "explorer's hat," Payment
    - Change: Explorers of the hat, birthday hat replacement performed a role

    5. Happy day for me, if you're not connected to access a day, 14 days after the birthday of joy through the mail unless you have a birthday gift box is delivered.
    - You do not receive 'Birthday Gift Box of Joy' for 15 days after the mail is deleted along with.

    6. Happy 5th Anniversary system will change the message has been deleted.

    New Skills and Changes to existing skills

    freya skillsSoul Roar

    lineage 2 freya new skills

    Acquisition level 62

    Only Berserker/Doombringer class
    Restores immediately 15% of max HP/CP and increases ones max HP/CP for a duration of 10 minutes by 15%. This is applied in addition to the effect of already existing HP/CP-increasing buffs.
    existing HP / CP applied in addition to the increased effectiveness

    Changes to existing skills               

    Lucky Strike:Terms were added to the sword.

    Puma Spirit Totem  :Duration of 5 minutes to 35 MP is consumed has changed.

    Ogre Spirit Totem   
    :Duration of 5 minutes to 41 MP is consumed has changed.

    Rabbit Spirit Totem :Duration of 5 minutes to 58 MP is consumed has changed.

    Bear Spirit Totem:Duration of 5 minutes to 25 MP is consumed has changed.

    Wolf Spirit Totem
    :Duration of 5 minutes to 19 MP is consumed has changed.

    Hawk Totem Spirit
    :Duration of 5 minutes to 68 MP is consumed has changed.

    Song of Wind Storm:Resistance bow 10%, the crossbow was changed to 5% increase in resistance.

    Dance of Blade Storm
    :Resistance bow 45%, 25% increase in resistance to the crossbow, was changed to reduce 99% of all depends.

    Noblesse Of Harmony
    :Resistance bow 10%, 6% increase in resistance was changed to a crossbow.

    Symphony of Noblesse:Resistance bow 10%, 6% increase in resistance was changed to a crossbow.

    Soul Barrier
    :Resistance bow 10%, 6% increase in resistance was changed to a crossbow.

    Anchor:This greatly increases the probability of success and were greatly reduced cast time. Instead, a primary effect of the duration of five seconds, the duration of attack was changed to 3 seconds, cooldown increased to 60 seconds.

    Curse Gloom:his greatly increases the chances of success and decrease the resistance to six properties have been added. Instead of a 15% magic resistance effect has been changed to reduce, reuse time increased to 15 seconds

    Mass fear:This greatly increases the probability 0 cast time was reduced dramatically. Instead, the duration was changed to 5 seconds. Non-target to target your pet ever has been changed to cast, cooldown increased to 120 seconds

    Mass Gloom:This greatly increases the chances of success and decrease the resistance to six properties have been added. Instead, the 15% magic resistance effect has been changed to reduce, reuse time increased to 120 seconds.

    Spirit of the Sharing
    :In addition to the existing effects Summoner's attack speed 10%, Magic Speed 3%, 20% critical chance to receive a grant has been changed.

    1. Summon Reanimated Man was top skill Summon use has been changed so that the body does not need to.

    2. Necromancer, soultaker, Warlock, arcana lord elemental summoner, Elemental Master, phantom summoner, spectral master, the master of the pet to receive 100% of the grant was changed.

    3.Collector's Experience  has changed the icon of Fortune.

    Wondrous Cubic changes:

    This Wondrous Cubic and cube pieces have been changed as follows.

    1. Buy a piece of the cube through the warehouse wager exchange fee required has been reduced to half price compared to existing.

    2. To quickly identify items in inventory can be an icon has been changed.

    3. Items to be unsure of the purpose of the item, the name was changed to a cube pieces.

    - Example: a delicate piece of the blue cube -> cube sculpture weapons - D

    4. Blessed with a mysterious cube in the list of the Compensation Order enhance weapons and armor that can be exchanged each piece was added to the cube.

    5. Blessed be shed on the strengthening of the exchange list, in addition to orders, and a disposable one-time magic cube was further refined cube.

    6. Do not use the cube to be a warehouse, if you carry a piece, a mystical cube and a single use disposable purified can be exchanged for a cube.

    7. Reuse time of mysterious cube daily at 6:00 a.m. 30 is initialized.


    Changes related shortcuts:

    lineage 2 freya new skills

    1. Skill shortcut window re-registered in a time less than 20 seconds since the number of features were added to give the mark.

    2. Registered in the shortcut window display features a quantity of consumable items have been added.
    - The maximum quantity is 99 to 99 are displayed and the + sign when you move on.
    - Item quantities are updated whenever a change.   

    3. Registered in the shortcut window, skills, ability to display a tooltip of the item has been added.
    - At the bottom of the top skills, the item tooltip ON / OFF button can be added.

    4. Shortcuts shortcuts in windows display features have been added  

    Other changes:

    lineage 2 freya new skills

    1. Server, the server in chooser has been added to the ability to display characters.
    - Plan to remove the parentheses characters () is denoted by.

    2. Characters seem to fix the problem were poison effects.

- High five part 2 Changes Elmoreden World are 100% retail.

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