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Lineage 2 World of Elmore Server Events

These are the events scheduled for the whole year, each month we will have an official event for the same dates that they held in their days.

According to the progress of the server, if we will implement custom events these are no longer official.
But the main idea is to bring fresh air over the years and always something new such as pve events and pvp events, points tournaments,stadium events and GM events
(Low rate these events will be more for fun than what you get)

These are the official events on our calendar, only official events

[Lv+30]Elmoreden Christmas
Event Christmas will start in: 22.12 - 09.01
[Lv+20]Freya Celebration
Event Freya Celebration will start in: 12.01 - 26.01
[Lv+10]The Valentine's
Event Valentine's will start in: 10.02 - 17.02]
[Lv+10]Lovers' Jubilee
Event Lovers's Jubilee will start in: 24.02 - 08.03
[Lv+40]St. Patrick’s Day
Event St. Patrick’s Day will start in: 17.03 - 20.03
[Lv+25]Easter Rabbit hunt
Event Rabbits will start in: 10.04 - 17.04
[Lv+25]Spring Event Mouse
Event Spring Mouse will start in: 01.05 - 25.05
[Lv+60]The Great Elmore Race
Event Race will start in: 01.06 - 10.06
[Lv+10]Love Your Gatekeeper
Event Love Gatekeeper will start in: 20..06 - 27.06
[Lv+35]Summer Squash
Event Squash will start in: 09.07 - 23.07
[Lv+10]Heavy Medal
Event Heavy Medal will start in: 01.08 - 25.08
[Lv+10]Letter Collector
Event L2Day will start in: 01.09 - 22.09
[Lv+10]Fall Harvest
Event Fall Harvest will start in: 20.10 - 09.11
[Lv+10]Master of Enchanting
Event Enchanting will start in: 15.11 - 24.11
[Lv+75]Aerial Cleft
Event Aerial Cleft will start in: Gracia final stat 2
Also the server has events such as handy block, halloween hunt, Gift of Vitality, Anniversary Events y Coliseum Events


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